Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our spoiled and indulged dogs. They each have a pillow. We were getting ready for church and I walked in and saw them. Skeeter just opened his eyes but did not offer to move.

It is very cold here. Went to 18 last night and is to go to 12 tonight. I am not ready for this. We had pulled all the hoses drained them and put them up for the winter. Tonight Bob put the heaters in the two waterers outside. He turned the automatic ones in the stalls up a notch. It is supposed to s...... on Tuesday before warming up and just raining. We need the water bad.

Bob put Amelia out with the other horses today and Abby starting attacking again. She ran her off to a far corner. I finally went in and beat Abby off with a rope and got Meli back out. Then Abby took after Wrangler and kicked him twice in the head and he has two nasty cuts on his face. We took him out of there too. I am about ready for Katie to take her to the moon. I can't imagine what has got into her. She even has Pepper intimidated and we won't tolerate that long.

We went to church and then to dinner for our anniversary. It is tomorrow but Bob has to work and we went today. We went to Chili's. I had ribs. Not the best I have eaten. They were kind of dry. We had fun anyway. 52 years married.


  1. I say put Abby in the NAUGHTY CHAIR!

  2. Happy Anniversary Lea and Bob! Now you can go for 52 more :)

  3. Happy Anniversary--what a great day to get married--any year but this one!

    I can't believe it's supposed to s*** tomorrow. Ick. Big ick. We blew out the sprinklers and got the heaters out to the barn, too.

  4. Happy anniversary to you Linda and you Andrea. Bob and I are in good company.