Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

No pictures. My camera went on strike for some reason. Darn.

I am thankful tonight for the garden I had. I have tons of squash in the freezer, a lot of zucchini ground and in the freezer. A lot of applesauce and apple pie filling in the freezer and today I made tomato sauce. I will have to figure out how to add what spices because the recipes I have found all have stuff in it that I don't want. Five pounds of tomatoes don't make a lot of sauce however and that is about what I had left. Five pounds. Still have carrots in the ground. I did not thin them too well and they are odd shaped but still good.

I need to tell a joke on myself. Well, it will be a joke to you but not so much to me at the time. I cleaned stalls, worked in the barn and decided it was such a nice day I would ride Pepper for a little bit bareback. I thought, everyone rides him with just a halter and I would. Well, I got on him. I have to be high enough just to swing my leg over and that is what i did. However, Pepper did not want to go for a ride anywhere, he wanted to eat grass. He put his head down and eat he did. The rope I had tied on to his halter so it was like a bridle came untied and I had one rope and he was determined to put his head down and eat. I had to sit on him until Bob got home because I can't get off without being able to step on to something and in the middle of the lawn, nothing. I thought Bob was going to have a seizure laughing at me. He got Pepper over so I could get off and I had a loud conversation with a horse that knows he is king of the universe. Next time I get a bug to ride bareback, and I do love to ride bareback, he will have a bridle on his little black head.

Now that you all have had a good laugh, talk to you tomorrow.


  1. That was naughty of Pepper, but I guess there are worse places to bide ones time than on the back of a horse on a lovely day.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I promise I'm not laughing too hard...promise!