Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Smile

Let me introduce you to Miss Fancy Kitty. She is one of the barn kitties. Her sister has long hair and is much more timid than Fancy. I can pet her gently when she is eating. I don't know where she and Fluffy came from. Two white kittens appeared in the barn and they have grown up to be beautiful cats.
Bob has been hunting today. He called a little bit ago and said they were in Chewelah on their way home. No deer. I think he expected me to be sad but I wasn't. I don't like venison so I am not sad.

The barn horses were glad to get out this morning in the sunshine even though it was chilly. It was windy and I wished I had put on a hat and gloves. They ran and bucked after not getting out yesterday. Later in the afternoon I cleaned the stalls. Two days and anymore it would have been really hard again. Ditto and Peppers stalls were not too bad but Amelia really can mess a stall up good. She is getting good about going in though. I just turned her loose with the other two to go in and she was the first to get there. Pepper as usual had to have a pop on the rear to remind him. I had intended to ride this afternoon but it was too windy. So, I took a nap instead.


  1. What a pretty barn kitty! I agree it was a nice day today despite the cold. We used the tractor to rake runs--fun!

    You're good to clean stalls so regularly! I should do the same!

  2. Hi Lea ... you have yourself a very pretty Siamese barn kitty ... with her pretty markings and blue eyes!