Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

These are my thoughts today. These are questions I am wondering about.

Why do yellow jackets have it in for me. Got stung this afternoon again. The third time in a month. All I was doing was showing Katie something about braiding her horses tail.

Why the horses have to fight with one another over where they can standstand in the shade.

Why Skylor has to give his mother such a hard time?

Why so many of my dreams seem like pipe dreams?

Why our family is so spread out.

Why part of my body is getting older faster than the rest of it.

Why so many of our young people think its cool and clever to use such vile language.

Why so many young women seem to think wearing jeans with big holes in them is beautiful.

Why so many are out of work? I understand the economy but some have found jobs. Why is it so hard?

Why some liberals seem to be so critical of those of us who are conservative and make accusations because they disagree.

Why it was OK to criticize President Bush and be ugly but no one can critisize President Obama without being accused of being a screamer or a terrorist.

Why people forget to be respectful of others.

Why some groups send out such awful information about the round up in the Pryor Mountains. Most of it not true.

I wonder about:

How long I will be able to ride.

Will Bob ever slow down.

Will Jackie get to come home.

Will we get to go to the Mustang roundup.

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  1. You have an awful lot you are pondering today. Did any of the simpler ones resolve themselves?