Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Saturday Smile

This is the youngest helper at the Escure Ranch at the Public Lands Word Day that Bob and I participated in. Worked hard and got a Tee shirt. This little guy spent the day on his mom or his dad's back and did just fine. He made me smile anyway.

Another smile for me today was reading Matt's post at Pryor Wild and hearing that each and everyone of the Pryor Mountain horses got adopted today. I wanted to go soooooo bad, but we don't need another horse and that would have happened.
This was some of the work that was done today. I helped take out a barbed wire fence. A couple of old guys didn't like how I was doing it and didn't like how I rolled up the old wire so I appointed myself picture taker and let them do it. I did walk about a 20 acre field with Bob and checked the fence so the cows that range there could not get into the equine only area. That was a hike in the weeds, sun and wind.

Bob working on the fence that we walked. It was actually in good shape except where the deer crossed over.

Bob and our friend Jerry. Bob was one of the team captains what ever that meant. He worked just as hard. I don't know why they only made 2 12 x 12 pens. However, I am not the government and don't know they think but I thought that was weird. Oh well, it is done now and we accomplished alot and got a T shirt to boot.
Our Back Country chapter had 9 people I think. Steve Smith who is in charge of Parks and Rec in the BLM does not understand horse people and horses at all. I told him I would rather be at a Mustang Horse function and he gave me a look.............maybe I should not have said that. Not the first time I have put my foot in it.
Have a super Sunday........................we will.

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  1. What were you guys doing there? Why does the government want you guys to put up posts?