Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Was thinking today:

I feel better, now just the remnets of a cold sort of. The sore throat is mostly gone.

I have been talking with my sister about classmates that we graduated from HS with. Her class just had their 50th. reunion. What different roads we have all traveled. Some of us a long way from where we lived then.

How good the squash is that Shannon brought us. It must have weighed 40 pounds or more. Bob split it into 8ths and I baked it and am putting it into bags and into the freezer. I ate some with supper tonight.

How warm it was today when it was supposed to rain.

How I need to get my saddle oiled. I watched a thing on RFD today and realized mine was in need.

How funny Ditto and Amelia are.

Why the state mental hospital in Medical Lake took a criminally insane man to the fair and let him get away. I am not a spooky sort but I locked the doors. He killed a woman because "God" told him to. Not my God.

I need to go to the used book store. My supply has about run out.