Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, September 11

Yesterday was thinking day but who could not think about 8 years ago today. I remember laying on my bed watching things flying out of the Twin Towers and the horror I felt when it dawned on me that it was people. There are some things that just never can leave your memory. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Today I went and got a perm. Its not the best one I have ever had but not the worst either. At least its not string straight hanging in my eyes.

I went to get some things in Walmart and ran into my friend Crista. Had not seen her for a couple of years. She trains, rides, shows Arabians, Half Arabians and some saddlebreds I think. They are leaving Tuesday for Kentucky to the Sport Horse Nationals. I put my foot in my mouth and asked her about Toddy - her old arabian. He and Ditto were the same age. I knew it was the wrong thing by the look on her face and she lost him last winter to colic. I felt awful. He was a great horse. About the same time she lost her Jack Russell dog that she had had for a long time. Not a good winter.

It is hot today. Love it. Tomorrow we will be going on a ride out near Liberty Lake. It should be a great day - we will take our lunch and eat it along the trail somewhere. It is with the Mustang Horse Club. I will have pictures for sure.

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  1. What happened 8 years ago is still as unbelievable today as it was that day. Something we will never forget.

    Have a great ride!