Saturday, September 12, 2009

A ride to the top of a mountain (well sort of)

Here we are beginning up the trail. I believe there were nine of us. Just a nice size group. Bob did not get to go because Raven was really sick and he needed to care for her. I will tell that saga after the trail ride pictures. It was hot today but the higher we climbed in the trees, the nicer it was.
I am always in the rear so pictures are usually of people riding off. I tried on up over my head but got a part of Melissa's body that she would not want on here. So did not try that again and any way, I was usually last.

We had lunch in this little flat area. That is Charles leaning against the tree. Someone had been there before having a party and I was so angry at whoever it was. In the middle of such a beautiful place, given to us to ride on by Spokane Country and there were beer cans strewn all over, cigarette packages either empty or stuck on a bush. None of had pack bags to pick it up. We all just had horn bags or the like. Makes me want to ride back up there and clean it up.

Angelique and Melissa sharing a Kodak moment. The big black mare is a mustang. The other 2 are Arabians. We were so glad to have them along with us and hope that this isn't the last time to see them.

Andrea and her horse Tonka. He is a mustang from Coyote Lakes HMA in Oregon. She is a sweet friend who likes to go slow too and rode with me in the rear along with Bea and her mustang Cody. I did not get a picture of the front of her. Just her back. All of these folks plus Cathy and her daughter Samantha are good friends and it was so fun to ride with them.
Now to Raven. Bob sat with her most of the day. He talked to the vet and they decided to wait it out before he came out. She got a tub of electrolytes earlier in the day. She was not colicing yet but would have. Her temp was below normal, no color in her gums and massive diarreah. After the electrolytes and most of a gallon of Kaopectate for horses, I think Koelin is the name. Something like that, she now has a normal temp and the color is coming back to her gums. She is in a stall and liking the attention. If she still is OK in the morning, she can go back out with the others but she was one sick puppy this morning. Hate it when they are sick and they can't tell you what is the matter. The vet thought she was dehydrated.
THEN after I got home, I had told our neighbor Shannon that I would help her this evening with her goats. Having never milked a goat, it was interesting even with a milking machine. We got it done though and it did not take long with two of us working at it. Its not all that different from milking a cow but had not done that for many many years. It was a long, good, happy, fun day.


  1. I hope Raven is doing better this morning. I thought about her a lot last night. It's scary when there's something wrong and you don't know exactly what the cause is.

  2. What are you guys doing with the goat milk?