Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday with the boys

I guess they really aren't boys but young men but they are still boys to me. This is Dustin on Pepper. He was trying to remember how to hold the reigns. I don't think he had ridden here for about 10 years. He knew how to get on though.
He asked Tyler to ride Pepper first so he could watch. Tyler did. He really was quite a good rider when he lived here and rode alot.
No matter where Liberty goes in the rest of her life, she is going to know Tyler. She loves him and was so glad to see him. She rested her head on his shoulder like "where have you been". I wish he had a place for her and we would talk Bill into giving her to him. He loves her tool.

Dustin loving on Wrangler. I know the lens didn't open right but forgot to check it. Wrangler just wants anyone to pay attention to him.
Joel, their brother that is between them in age, came out today. They jammed a while with guitars and drums. I wanted to get a picture of the three of them but they didn't stay in one place for me to remember I wanted a picture. I enjoy having them all here.
Dustin, with Tyler helping rewired our telephone system today. That is the kind of work Dustin did until he got laid off. However both boys got calls that could lead to fairly good jobs for them if they can snag them. Tyler has a job interview Friday AM and Dustin has to get a resume in ASAP. Will be praying for them both.
We seem to be turning into a burro rescue. Bob is off picking up one this evening. Anyone want a BLM burro. I will have more information tomorrow and probably pictures. He has been a pet of an old man who can't take care of him any more. He is titled, that is all I know for sure and that he is a burro. Anyone have a good idea of how to get the rolls of fat off of Eddie? He thinks we are starving him to death. Just is getting grass hay.

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  1. Liberty is a love. How sweet that she still knows Tyler and has such a sweet spot for him!