Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Monday

We had a wonderful camping trip. Lots of fun despite the rain. It only barely sprinkled on us when we were riding and poured at night. Fun. This is me on Pepper. At the end of a 12 mile ride. My jeans were hiked up, my saddle pad has slipped and Pepper did not want to pose for pictures. He kept saying get off already. I rode in my new saddle and what a wonderful difference it made. It fit me way way better and it fit Pepper way better.
We stopped at this lovely lookout and Bob was watching a Mountain Goat across the valley. He forgot his binoculars in the truck so we just could watch a little dot of white way across the valley. This is in the Lola National Forest. It was so beautiful.

Bob and Katie ahead of me crossing Fish Creek one of many times in our two days of riding. Pepper was not too happy but did not refuse. The rocks are round and about football size so it was not such easy footing.

Not a real good picture but it is a cow moose and a calf. It was so cool to see them. She did not stick around for us to get many pictures. She told her baby- we are outa here.

This was such a quiet and peaceful area. We called it the enchanted forest. Not a sound anywhere. We could not even hear the creek at this point. Kept thinking we would see a deer but we didn't. It seemed almost like a sacred place.

Bob sitting by the fire at the end of the day. I think he got more sore than I did. He was tuckered out.

This is a ranch house that you pass on your way out. It is St. Claire Ranch. I believe I could live out my days there and never leave. The scenery, the wild life, Oh my. A dream huh?

This guy was right along side the road on our way out. It had been eating berries and we interrupted his brunch. It was a surprise. Had never seen a bear in the wild that close. We told him not to worry but he came down from the tree and left.
We had a really marvelous time. When we were almost home though a pickup, on the freeway darted out right in front of us and slammed on his brakes. We were traveling about 60 mph. Bob had to brake fast and the truck was all over. I thought it was going to roll with the trailer and three horses. God was with us, we did not hit any one and no one hit us. We got to the shoulder of the road and Bob checked on the horses. They were fine. I wanted to have hysterics but held on to it and cried quietly. Of course the pickup that caused it all went merrily down the highway oblivious probably of the chaos that they had caused. My stomach is still upset.
Other than that, we are safely home, trailer and truck unloaded, we have had baths and I washed my hair. Our long awaited weekend is over but the memories..........


  1. What beautiful pictures! That ranch is set in such a lovely spot, too~I can see why you could live out your days there and never leave! I love the 'enchanted' forest~I can imagine how peaceful it must have been riding down that trail! Thanks so much for sharing these pics, Lea! So glad everything turned out well with the truck~God was watching out for you and took good care of you, as always!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful trip! Now I really wish we could have joined you out there.

    Awful about the rude driver. I can't believe people sometimes.

  3. Welcome home safe and sound! I know how your tummy feels ... we have had a couple close calls in the MH and the sick feeling lingers a long time in regard to what "might have been."
    But all is well, you are safe, the horses are safe and Bob kept his wits about him behind the wheel. Great pictures!

  4. Pepper looks so sweet :) and I love the Teddy Bear~

  5. I'm so envious. I need to get City Boy on horseback so we can do these rides, too!

  6. Man I'm glad you guys got home safely! Sometimes I'm not sure people should really be driving!