Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I thought I would have pictures but am too tired to get them off the camera so again - tomorrow.

I played with Eddie today for a bit and put him out in the big arena. He did not like it too well. He went around the edge about 3/4 of the way around and then turned around and galloped back to the gate. He did venture around the edge but not when I was watching did he go out to the middle.

This afternoon a lady from Clayton (north of Deer Park which is north of Spokane) and asked us to come and read the brand of a mustang that she had bought not knowing she was a mustang. The guy who sold her did not tell them. She has a long mane that covers it and the lady who bought her did not know about a blm brand. We read it, I think. I am not sure about one number but we did the best we could and will take the paperwork to Angie on Saturday. The lady is afraid blm will come take her but that will not happen. I told her to call Ramona in Burns, Oregon and she would help her figure out where she is from. Ronnie is a beautiful buttermilk buckskin. She is not a dun and has no striping. Just a beautiful buckskin mare. She was born in 1998. That we are sure of. The guy that she bought him from said she was five. Wrong.

Tomorrow Skeeter has his surgery. It makes me worry, he is so little but it is necessary. An intact male dog, even tiny is difficult to take places with you.

Hope you have a very pleasant Thursday.


  1. he's not young. Spike was fixed when he was 6 months old. He's a good cat now.

  2. I always worry when I take my pets to be 'fixed', too Lea! I have to take our kitten in November~I'm not looking forward to it!