Sunday, September 20, 2009


There are alot of pictures today because I inadvertantly fixed why I could not get the pictures to show up. I know what I did so if it happens again, I know.

The top pictures are from the Trail Challenge that I judged a portion of. These two riders had just finished the course and were headed out of the course area. It was a nice day until the end when it rained just a little.
This is a friend of ours, Jerry, on his new horse. He is a Missouri Foxtrotter. Seemed to be a good horse. Jerry was kind of an outrider on the course to see that no one got lost or hurt or whatever.

This is Kassidy on Issy. He is a sweet POA that she has had for a few years. I think Kass must be 13 but looks 10 and that is the size she is. Don't anyone tell her I said that. She is a sweet young lady and she rides like a bonafide cowgirl.

Now we start on the fair pictures. If you are interested at all in NASCAR you will know who this car belongs to. Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is a real favorite of Tom, Christy, and me. Although he has not done so super this season we still think he is awsome. I almost climbed in the car to take pictures for Tom and Christy but thought I ought not do that.

Isn't this indian dress beautiful. I love beautiful beading.

This is my Saturday Smile picture. I know its Sunday but it would have been yesterday. Bob was helping Shannon get her goats milked. He was talking to people as he was milking. Those little girls standing beside him came and got to try their hand at it.

Bob helping Shannon show a goat. It was really funny. He had never done it before. You always keep the goat between you and the judge and they have a way to turn so that happens. Bob didn't get that down and stepped over the goat. It made everyone including the judge laugh. We had no idea how they go about showing a goat. Those goat owners are serious about it though.

Shannon and one of her young goats. Not this little one but a grown up milker was the top show goat. We were not as impressed as Shannon was.

Has anyone heard of that breed of cattle before. They had them all out on the wash rack or I would have taken their picture. They are kind of red. Had never heard of them before.

This duck was so beautiful. It is an Asian duck. He was so black with that green head and highlights.

Now this is a fluffy chicken. It was full grown. I thought she was cute.

These were the weirdest geese I have ever seen. They were noisy too but aren't all geese.
That is two days pictures. None for today. Today I went to the horseshow to work but there really was nothing for me to do so I came home and went back to bed. I literally slept all day. Maybe that will break the back of this bug that seems to have camped in my head.
Hope your week is peaceful and your days filled with love.


  1. I love the fair pictures, Lea! Especially the goats. I really love goats and miss mine now that we don't have them anymore.

    What a beautiful Indian dress. I love to see all the beading on them, too. I don't think I would ever have the patience to make something like that!

    Too bad there's not a picture of you in the car:)!

  2. Great fair pictures--I'm glad you fixed your problem so you could load those. I didn't make it to the fair. We were in Walla Walla working during theirs, so we attended that one--the races and the rodeo.