Monday, September 21, 2009


The sign has been there for several years but they are finally working on the ground. Its about 5 miles from us.
Today I thought I would just ignore the stuffy head ect and went with Bob to the auction. I forgot to take my camera so tomorrow you will meet Fast Eddie. He is a cute little donkey that I started bidding at 10.00 and got him for not much more than that. He is as cute as a bug and as sweet as can be. Have no idea how old he is. I will sell him to the first $100.00. As long as its a good home. Of courst he is not fast at all. Just ambled up to the trailer and we put a halter on him and then he said I don't think so. That was a few minutes of laughs but finally he hopped in and when at home he hopped out and followed me down to the round pen. He is VERY fat and needs to be on a diet. Rolls of fat but he has not foundered. His feet are in good shape too. He lay down in the round pen and rolled and rolled. So cute.
So that was my exciting day. No cows/calves/steers or any bovine creatures came home with us. Just Fast Eddie.

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