Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Another day without pictures. I felt much much better this morning, am running down this evening but know that is normal.

Our grandsons are here helping us with some things that we needed help with. I took Dustin the Home Depot for the stuff he needs to do the phone line repair. Tyler dug up a pipe that leaked today. Our son Steve who is a plumber is coming to repair it. This is the 3rd. time there has been a leak in that area. Bob is befuddled and so is Steve. Hope 3rd. time is a charm.

It was cold today. I had to turn the furnace on this AM. I want more Indian Summer.

This is my Thankful Tuesday and today I am most thankful for Dustin and Tyler who came 300 miles to help us out for a couple of days. They are thoughtful and delightful young men. Tyler is 21 and Dustin is 26. Tyler has a job interview in Marysville on Friday AM. I am praying he gets it, Dustin wants to work on a fishing boat but knows about telephone lines and such. They are from Nikki's six boys. Love them bunches.

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  1. What a lovely thing for your grandsons to do! I know you love having them there. So glad that you are feeling stronger. Keep getting some rest!