Friday, August 7, 2009


It only got to 72 today. A relief to say the least. However, I hope that summer is not over.

This was a sad day. Our son Tom lost his little ShitZu dog Killer. She greeted him when he got home from work about four and he went out to do something and found her laying in the yard. She was gasping for air and died in his arms. He brought her out here to bury her under our maple tree with Tory my first poodle that lived to 19, Shane my first Shitzu, my sweet Sophie-the Shitzu I lost last winter. Sophie and Killer were from the same litter and we got her for Tom for Christmas 12 years ago. He was embarrassed because he was crying and I told him his dad and I cried over Sophie for a week.

It is spitting rain this evening and there was thunder bouncing around so we did not go and work with Target and Blondie. Maybe tomorrow. Well I know tomorrow. We are getting paid for it.

We went in to Big R and got some things today and Bob went to his friend Don's home and we borrowed several ice chests so with ours he can deliver meat to the coast next weekend. Don and Shirley's son Darren got home this morning from Iraq. Welcome home Darren and thank you.

I was looking thru the books in the bookshelf this morning and I found a book given to my grandfather George Foreman by my Great Aunt and Uncle, Nellie and Jack Dierke for Christmas in 1912. That will go to my cedar chest instead of the book shelf. What a treasure it is.

Remember: Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. Samuel Johnson


  1. I'm so sorry about "Killer" .. I remember when you got him.

    1912 is the year Mother was born. What was the book?

  2. I'm sorry about Killer. She was a good and faithful friend to Tom. They loved each other very much. I'm glad she is buried with Sophie. Sister's forever.