Sunday, August 2, 2009


There are alot of pictures today. Most will be most interesting to my family, but first is my new saddle that Bob got me this weekend. It feels soo comfy. Can't remember the brand but no matter, it fits my old rear.

We had a very nice time at my family reunion this past Saturday. Most of these pictures are of my family on my dad's side. There were four generations there. My uncle is 93 1/2 and still drives up to his cabin on Clear Lake south of Puyallup, WA and cuts his winter wood. He is a crusty old gent, the very last of his generation of my family.

This is the fourth generation there. Alot of them were missing I am sure. Four of them are Nikkis boys and I think Casey. Can't remember for sure his name.

The second generation minus a few. Nikki, Lisa and Debbie in the back, Angel Serena and Rob in the front row. Rob and Debbie arrived on Harleys along with some of the others.

Here is the second generation - all first cousins. I believe 4 were missing. George (also known his whole life as Twig), Randy and Larry on the back row. They are brothers. The second row is Karen and Jody. Jody is the top row sister. She and Twig look so much alike. The front row is Eloise, Mary Kay and me.

Uncle George, his girls and grandaughter Serena. She is his only grandchild. Mary Kay looks so much like her mother and Karen is the image of Uncle Georges sister, my Auntie Lou who died when I was a kid.

My Uncle George, who was my daddys baby brother with Eloise and me.

This lady is Elsie (Myers). She thought I might bed Sharon. She is the daughter of my daddys aunt and uncle who mostly raised him.

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