Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Monday again

Why is it that pictures, at least the ones I take, don't ever show the sunsets like I see them with my eyes. The colors were so vivid. I took this yesterday evening.

This morning I rode my bike about a mile down the road. I was huffing when I got back but it felt good. When I got back and changed my sweaty clothes Bob and I went to the cattle auction. I always go, if its possible, with him to sit on his hands so he doesn't buy any more cattle. He was whispering he should have bought this one or that one that was cheap. We finally got out of there without buying any more cattle. The joke of the auction was a pigmy billy goat that smelled so awful every one, even the old guys, were holding their noses. He sold to some sucker for "$2.50. It was awful.

Later this afternoon, towards evening we went to Carstens to work horses. We just could not get there last week. Rebecca has been working with Target and that showed. More about Target in a minute. Teri has been handling Blondie and Bob had her working her for a while. It was good. When Bob took over, he got her to change directions both ways and that was a really huge accomplishment. She is a very one sided horse.

I was determined to get a saddle on Target and I did. She let me put the saddle on and cinch it up and just stood there. I was so proud of her. I moved her around the round pen with the saddle on. Then I tightened the cinch and just left her go ponder it by herself for a few. I wiggled the stirrups around on both sides. I put some weight in the stirrup and that was OK but when I got too far up, she said nope. She bucked a little. Made me get out of the stirrup really fast. Target was ridden two years ago for about 30 days so this isn't all new. We worked with giving to both sides and she is good at that. I need to take my helmet if I get a bug to get on her. That won't be for a while though.

On our way home we stopped by our neighbors house to say hi and she gave us some brocolli. She grew it but doesn't like it. I love brocolli. Steamed with butter on it. Yum. She also gave us a spagetti squash. Have never cooked one so am not sure how to go about it. We also came home with some green peppers and some onions. We are very greatful to Shannon. She is a really good neighbor. She rides big mules.

So not a bad day. Warm in the day, quite warm actually but is cool in the evenings. That is when you can really tell that the seasons are changing. I always hate to see summer go but I love fall. If only winter did not have to come next.

Remember: I have learned to ust eh word impossible with the greatest of caution. Werner von Braun.


  1. I like your picture, it's colors are very soft and calming!

  2. Use Google to find about a jillion recipes for spaghetti squash. I boil it then shred the cooked "meat" with a fork into a colander to get as much moisture off as possible. From there you can use it like spaghetti (my preference but Phil prefers pasta)or just add butter and salt and pepper for a simple and delicious side dish! Bon apetite!