Saturday, August 29, 2009


I most always forget that I need to load the pictures backwards to how I want them to appear. So again I forgot. The first two pictures and the last two because I forgot so forgive me. Bob and I did a demonstration about mustangs today at a Pony Club event at Busy Bee Stables. Then we had a table with information on how to adopt. We had quite a bit of interest and got a couple of names of people who might be interested in the Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club.

This is Raven, we took three of our mustangs. Besides Raven we took Pepper and Wrangler. I was remiss in getting Wranglers picture. Raven was very cooperative and let people pet her.
Then we got Pepper and worked the two of them together.. Pepper was more interested in all the other horses. He was very laid back though and didn't get excited about anything. That is his usual demeanor.

Friday evening when they were predicting rain, and the were right, we went to Walmart and got this rain, bug shelter. It did rain hard for a while but mostly while we were setting it all up. But it did keep most of the bees away. They were there in force. Having already been stung once this summer and still having a lump on my neck, I don't care to get into a tussle with another one. It not only worked today but it will be wonderful for camping.

This is Ed Morris doing a driving demo with his 3 gaited Park horse - an American Saddlebred. He rode her too later but didn't get a picture of that. She is a very high stepper. It is pretty to watch but not something I want to do.

My blogger friend, Rose Mary who writes Life In A Cordwood Cabin did something today that I think I will try to remember - Saturday Smiles. This little minerature horse named Dielsel Power made me smile. In his mind he was as large as that saddlebred. That is my Saturday Smile. What made you smile today.

This big horse is as gently as the mini. Quiet and sweet. They did a vaulting demo on her. Those kids were wonderful but were inside the indoor arena and I don't think the pictures would have worked.

Just so people knew who we were there with.

I wanted this picture first but here it is last. Bob was talking about mustangs in general and their different body types, different personalities and so on. It was a successful day.


  1. Sounds like a great day! I wish I could have been there. I can't wait to meet Wrangler.

  2. What a wonderful event, Lea! The horse pictures sure did make me smile! I've always wanted to adopt a Mustang. I hope that someday we can get a place ready for a couple of them. Thank you for sharing the pictures and details about this beautiful day!

  3. Lea.. just so I don't forget I'll put this here. It doesn't matter what order you upload your photo's. You can drag and drop them anywhere.