Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is an update on Amelia day. Sharon asked for some new pictures and I took these about 2 hrs. ago.
She is doing very well. She is getting a chubby tummy. I would like her tail head to fill in a little more but all in all, shes wonderful

No the best eye picture I have taken but she has such a soft and gentle eye.

I should have brushed her and made her all buuuuuuuutiful but this is how she looks out in her private abode. Bright and Shiney

Just a sweet sweet horse. Thank you, thank you Dr. Doolittle for sponsoring her and helping us keep her.
I am making pickled beets this afternoon. Some neighbors down the road gave me a big bunch and we are not too crazy about them so decided to pickle them. Found a recipe to do just in the frig, not having to be canned so am trying it out.
Bob will be home sometime this evening. He got to Nikki's just fine but have not heard from him since. I did call him and ask him to be my alarm clock this morning. He called me at 7. I was already up though. I wanted to get the chores done before I went to church. We had another tiny blue egg this AM. This one is a little darker blue.
Hope you have had an awesome weekend.
Remember: Love cures people-both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. Dr. Karl Menninger.

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