Sunday, August 9, 2009


No pictures today. This was branding and banding day. The cows and calves are going off to pasture up by Newport for a couple of months. They will be running with other cow calf pairs and the calves had not been branded. The little bull calves needed banding. All were bull calves but one. Tom and our grandson Joel and their families came out to help. The boys helped alot. They did not like the branding but I don't either. The smell gets to me. So, they are all branded and the boys are banded.

Poor Heather, city girl grandaughter in law, she was horrified. Grandma - does it hurt? Well yes it hurts. The banding does not hurt at the time but it can't feel so good later. She was ready to throw up. I told her to go to the house if it bothered her but I had to stay to help. Bless her heart, she stuck it out watching from outside the fence.

Our little great grandaughter Lilianna called the chickens "cookers". Cracked us up. She wanted to play with them but they are not toys and would not have liked it. So the Cookers were safe from an imp with pony tails out each side of her head.

Nothing much about horses today. Today was a cow day.

Remember: A sweet old lady stays active all her life. A grumpy old grouch sits and rocks. Anonymous

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