Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Won't be too much of an entry tonight. Thunder is booming and the wind is blowing. Besides my knee hurts really bad. Don't know what I did but its yelling at me and sitting in a chair does not help it. Wish I knew what I did because I sure as heck would not do it again.

Bob went and worked Blondie today. She is getting better every day. He is working her with a pole now so he can stay out of reach of those hind feet. That white flag pops her every time she whales at it and its getting better. Rebecca wanted to work with Target. Bob showed her some things and she did that and was so proud of herself. I think she is about 12. Target is gentle and has never offered to kick or bite. Bobs leg has not turned purple like I thought it was goine to. Its still tender but he will recover.

Bob goes back to work tomorrow. He likes being home but we like the paycheck too. He works five days and then five off. He is job sharing and this gives each of them 2 long weekends a month.

Remember: Withing every advesity lies a slumbering possibility. Robert H. Schuller

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