Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8th.

I took this picture this evening in our front yard. The setting sun was very red. So pretty. I liked that picture. We have such beautiful sunsets.
My sweet Skeeter. When Bob got up he sneaked into his warm spot and slept with me. He loves being under the covers when it is cooler out. In fact, Bob has to moved him almost every night when he comes to bed. Such a character.

When we went to work horses this evening, I took pictures of Terri's flowers. She has so many beautiful ones. I loved this sunflower picture. They always make me feel like they are smiling.
We had good luck with the horses this evening. We traded horses and I worked with Blondie. He had not been able to get a halter on her but I did. Neener neener, lol. She really does not like her faced touched so I spent most of the hour just rubbing her face and talking to her. I did earlier today get a rope loo0ped over her nose so had some control but when it came time and I had rubbed her all over with with it, she let me put it on her. She didn't like it but she let me. Then we worked on leading and rubbing and leading and rubbing. Bob was going to saddle Target but Carstens were not home and we did not take a saddle pad so she just got bumped with it and let smell it. Maybe Monday we will. Or tomorrow if we go then. It feels so good when we can gain their confidence like we are.
Remember: If you judge people, you have no time to love them. Mother Theresa

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