Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for my flowers this summer. I usually just have some petunias but I love this nastursium bed.They are so lush and beautiful.

I planted some climbing ones that are not climbing and some hanging ones and they are. Just love this flower bed. Also have a beautiful bed of poppies that do well with little water, a planter of geraniums and the daisies that I showed pictures of another day.

They are so pretty pretty on the rear of the garage. Yes, I am thankful for pretty flowers this hot summer day.
Today I saddled up Pepper with my new saddle. Did not take the camera to the barn with me sorry. It looks pretty on him. A couple of years ago he bought me a beautiful breast collar that I have not used often. It was too big for Dixie. The tooling on it is of oak leaves. Guess what the tooling on my new saddle is - oak leaves. It matches perfectly and it fits Pepper. So does the saddle and it fit my rear on the saddle too. I had not paid for it until I tried it on him but it works, IT WORKS for both of us. The only adjustment I need to make is let the stirrups down. I rode them the way they were but my knees felt it. I only rode a couple of miles to get the feel of it. Hurrah.
Remember: I believe in laughter. I think it is food for the soul. Tommy Lasorda


  1. I'm so glad the saddle worked!

  2. I love the orange on your flowers! Vibrant!

  3. Nasturshums look like jewels!