Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thinking Thursday

These pictures are in the opposite order that I wanted them in but don't know how to change them. This is Bob and our "baby boy" Tom. I was thinking today how sick he had been since March. He was under terrific stress over something he did when he was 16. Kids need to remember their actions will follow them thru their life even when they are grown. He just got sicker and sicker and then the doctor told him they were thinking leukemia. They did all the tests. No, it wasn't leukemia, it was a severe ulcer. He is on some pretty p0tent meds and they are working. He had lost almost 50 pounds but has gained a little back.
While I have been thinking of Tom and the fear we all went through, I thought of his daughter Sheya. She looks (and acts) so much like her daddy at that age. I tell him he deserved her and Christy - her mother - says but what did I do to deserve her. She is a character.

Does she not look like Tom"? He was 4 in this picture. I wish I had kept that little outfit. He looked adorable in it.
So that is my thinking Thursday.
Carmen - Nikki's husband - came to do some taping of the drywall we had to put up around where we put the new door. I was surprised he brought her mother with her. I thought he would be going home since he brought her home but it was wrong assumption. My house is a fright because the kitchen is torn up. Oh well, thats just the way it is.
I had quite a time getting the horses in tonight. They decided to stop in the lane and eat. I was behind them on the four wheeler. Nothing I could do short of running into the last horse which was not an option, they would not move. I reved the motor up, yelled and waved. They just went on eating. I finally got off and threw rocks at the front horses. That did not hurry them too fast but at least they moved.
Bob made a big decision tonight. He bought back a big buckskin gelding. Wrangler is wild bred and was born about 2 weeks on our place. His mother was a buttermilk buckskin. We sold Wrangler when he was 5 months old to a friend. She had some real physical problems and we bought him back when he was 3. When he was 4 we sold him to another friend Perry. Now Perry has some problems and he can't ride. So Wrangler is now 9 and he is coming home. He is big, probably close to 16 hands. He is definately a man's horse and full of energy. Bob just could not stand for him to go to anyone else. I will get some pictures on Saturday when we go get him.
Remember: Things don't change. You change your way of looking, that's all. Carlos Castaneda

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  1. I hope Tommy know's how much his Auntie loves him! I love the pic of him and Bob. I ALSO wish I had the Outfit of Daniels like that! WHAT WERE WE THINKING???????? I'm so glad he's well and Sheya is beautiful