Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking Thursday

This evening I am thinking of things. Tough to narrow it down to one so will just amble around and share my thoughts.

I was thinking of Ted Kennedy and his death. And all the turmoil that family has gone through. I remember him doing the eulogy at his brother Bobby's funeral and his voice breaking. He became the mentor of that family on that day. I neither am a democrat or a liberal but I respected him as a person and I know that he truely believed in what he supported. I will always remember his big booming voice. The Senate and the people of the US will miss him even if they disagreed with the politics of it. If I had been close to Boston, I would have gone and paid my respects because you can really respect someone without agreeing with them.

I was thinking today of our Mustang Horse Club that met this evening. What a great group of people we have gathered together. They don't all ride Mustangs or even own mustangs but we all come together to have fun on our horses. I am greatful to all of them. The group lets me lead them along to places they have never gone before - like a horse show. I appreciate them all.

I was thinking today of Bob Clark who none of you probably know but I will going to his funeral tomorrow morning. He was a real pillar in our church for as long as we have gone there. He had a joke for everyone. His sweet wife Margie died a few years ago. She was church secretary for years and years. Our church will miss him alot.

I was thinking today of how lucky I am at my age to still be able to ride my horse, ride my bike, and do all the other stuff I do. I get to feeling sorry for myself because I don't have the oompf that I used to but I am blessed.

I was thinking today of our brother in law Jim Trotter who died last week. His first wife, Bob's sister died about 20 years ago but he still considered himself part of the Williams family even when he remarried. His girls are having trouble planning a memorial service so I don't know when it is. However, I will always remember him being so kind to me as a newly wed into the family who was loud and boisterous, the opposite of what I had come from, and making me feel part of the family when Bob was out touring the world in the Navy.

Today I was thinking of my grandchildren in District 81 that started school today. It does not seem like it was time. School starting should still be a month away. However, the parents of said children thought it was time.

Remember: A single conversation across the taqble with a wise man is worth a months study of books. Chinese Proverb

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