Sunday, November 28, 2010

All the company is gone

Thanksgiving eve we ordered in Pizza. These guys were saying "we want one some too"

When I got up Thanksgiving morning, Nikki and Lane were snuggling and surrounded by dogs. Her little Scout is never far from her side.
My girls - Chrissy and Nikki.

Nikki who almost 16 years ago was named after her Aunt Nikki. She is our diabetic sweetheart.

The golden turkey done just right. The problem was it was very have to get out of the pan. I forgot to put the straps of foil in under it. It was not very pretty when we got it out but it tasted heavenly.

The table. Not enough room to set at the table so I had smaller ones sitting up in the living room and TV trays so we all had a good place to eat.

Pistol and Scout playing. Pistol got out without her coat on so it did not last too long.

Lili took the barrette out of her hair and was showing me her glasses. I think her frames are too large for her. She doesn't like wearing them. Lili was born with a cataract on her eye. I don't understand why they can't just remove it but I am not a doctor.

Nathaniel is about to walk. He is the happy epitome of an easy baby. Its a good thing she had Lili first. He is just smiley and sweet.

Out the dining room window the morning after .

Nikki took this picture and I just love it so I decided to hijack it and print it here. She has a wonderful eye for pictures.
Had a real scare yesterday with Sage but as it turned out it just made me love her more. Bob was out plowing and he looked over and Sage was out of the round pen wandering around the side yard. She went over into the arena and was eating on a bale of hay. My outside wanted to panic but my inside stayed calm. I picked up her lead rope and talked to her a second and then I just reached up and snapped it on her halter and she came with me back to the round pen. She had gotten the gate open and just wandered off. I am so very proud of her. That is the first time she has been on her own outside a pen since she was gathered 11 months ago. No pictures, we were all just short of panicking.
The big boys (Nikki's) and Tom built a huge igloo in the front yard. I will need to get out tomorrow and take a picture of their masterpiece. They made a huge pile of snow with the tractor and then hollowed it out. It is quite a sight.
I will have more pictures tomorrow. Blessings to everyone. Hope your weekend was as good as ours.


  1. Lea, you have a beautiful family. I loved seeing all the smiles.

    Dinner looked deeeeelish! Yummy! You did a great job on the turkey!

    Weather looks just awful! Makes me feel bad for griping because we've been in the low 40s...

    I'm so proud of Sage! She trusts you, Lea.

    I am sorry the family has gone but am so happy you were able to spend such a wonderful time with them.


  2. Wonderful post Lea! My turkey didn't look anything like that one - I cooked it too long. :( blessings, marlene