Monday, November 29, 2010

More weekend pictures

After dinner and most people had gone home, Nikki and her family and Bob and I went in to Joel and Heathers for another dinner. It was her first Thanksgiving dinner. I was proud of her. It is a long story why they didn't come to our house.

Miss Emma. I don't know if being there is working but we are trying.

Bob perusing the paper.

Chrissy and I.

Granddaughter Jadeyn and DIL Debbie. She has been quite sick. Was up to coming but had no energy and usually she flits around helping everywhere.

Another hijacked picture from Nikki.

Scout trying to get Nikki's attention. She was horrified that she would get up there. She is a funny little dog.

Fun in the snow

Sheya, granddaughter. Not a very flattering picture of her but getting her quiet long enough to take a picture is tough.
Had to go into town today for a shopping expedition. A good time to go. Monday morning and the parking lot was not full and the stores were not jammed.
Didn't take any pictures today, maybe tomorrow.

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  1. There is nothing short of bleeding and dying that would get me near a store on the day after all of us loaded up and headed to go shopping. This we did Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Friday evening was rather a zoo but surviveable. I guess the mornings are awful. So glad Sage is truly coming along well. That was a good test of how far she has come.