Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow and Cold

Just some pictures of this and that.
A giggling granddaughter Nikki. She was having fun playing with the dog. And was laughing at me.

On our way to church, down the road a bit there was this large flock of turkeys. They were not too worried about us stopping and taking their picture. The old man that used to live there fed them but he died this past summer and no one lives there now.
My Skeeter that needs to see the groomer in the worst of ways. He was cuddled down having a nap.
Today it was very cold. It is about 23 right now and dropping like a rock. On top of that it is snowing off and on all day. We are supposed to 6 to 10 inches by Tuesday. We will see. Maybe the prognosticators made a mistake. When we came out of church it was magical - just small snowflakes drifting down. I will be tired of it by day after tomorrow though.
Sage stayed in today. We needed the round pen. A man came and looked at Cash and is going to take him. He took the paperwork to fill out and send in with his 25.00. He worked him in the round pen for a while and Bob trimmed his feet. It will be a great home. We know the man who is taking him. So now they both are promised to good and loving people that we know and trust.
I makes me feel very pleased that we got to be a part of it.
I guess winter is really upon us. We usually have out first snow by Halloween so guess we are better off. Nights like this I wish we had a fireplace but I really don't like the mess.


  1. I'm so glad both of the geldings found good homes! You did a great job finding them homes quickly.

    Our snow started later in the day. It's a beautiful, bright, peaceful, snowy night out there now.

  2. No snow yet. Thank God. It has been warm and some rain--but we need more. It has been too dry to even burn the pile of feed bags, baling string, and brush that has accumulated since early summer. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?