Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

The view of the igloo from the porch.
The front door to the igloo. I didn't crawl in.

Down our road. It looks like a Christmas Card to me.

The trees with their coats of snow.

The front yard tree. It is so pretty.
It has snowed pretty much all afternoon. I don't know how much has come down. I am so thankful for the tractor and snowplow. And more thankful that Bob can do it.
Rosie is now sharing the barn with Sage. Bob cleaned the stalls good today. I can hardly do it anymore. My shoulder will not do it. Amelia does not want to come in and she beats up on Rosie as do the other horses so we just showed them, she comes in at night. We tried putting them in the round pen together but Sage was upset with it so Rosie went to another pen.
I will be glad when the two mustangs we rescues can go to their new homes. They could go now but no one wants to pull a horse trailer on these roads. Both of them will go down roads that are not taken too well care of. Bob could ride Cash over but its about 12 miles and I would rather he didn't.
Am watching Gonzaga Basket Ball. Love those boys. They are tromping Eastern Washington bad. Maybe I will go work on Christmas card.


  1. Oh my goodness, Lea - it looks so cold! I absolutely love love the igloo. They did an amazing job!

    I can only imagine how difficult it is tending to animals in that weather! We sure do have it good here in California.

    Your Bob is STUD! What a great guy to work so hard!


  2. Hi Lea ~ Beautiful snow pics. That helps to get me in the holiday mood...having a hard time with sunny and 73 here in AZ. :)