Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better Day

No pictures today. It was a rainy dreary day. Not the kind of day you go out and take pictures. However, I had a much better day with Sage even if it was cold and rainy. It feels like snow actually but so far, just rain.

When I went to get Sage to put her out for the day, she said "No you don't get your hands on me." Have you ever heard of not being able to catch a horse in a stall. Bob came and walked right in and put the rope on her. I was so upset. He led her out and around the barn and stuff and put her in her outdoor pen. I was depressed about the backwards way we seemed to be going. HOWEVER, when I went to catch her and put her in for the night, I walked right up to her, snapped on the rope and she led right into the stall like a lady. I got her the oats and she was as happy as a clam. I will have to muck the stall out tomorrow. I was so proud of her today. We will see how the morning goes tomorrow.

Had lunch with my friend Helen today. I needed to fill her in on the happenings and the Licensed Officials meeting at the convention. We always have fun when we meet for lunch.

Tonight for dinner we had homemade vegetable soup from the freezer. It was a good day for soup. I made biscuits to go with it. I think that is all that is in the freezer. Will need to make a big pot and freeze some more. It is hard to make soup for two people.


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  1. "It's hard to make soup for two people". That my dear is the story of our life since we retired and went on the road.
    Once I get in my new "home base" I am really looking forward to inviting people to dinner so I can cook some old favorites that feed an army!