Monday, November 22, 2010


This little series of pictures was sweet Sage getting put out today. When Bob went to put her in she put her head against his chest as if to say get me out of this. He was tickled. She is just turning into a sweet soft horse that does not spook at much.
Our blizzard is here. The wind is not as much as it was predicted so far but it may and probably will come. The snow is here though. Poor Pistol and Sage hate going out in it to go potty. I think they hold it until they can't for another minute. It is up to their belly and beyond. Bob will need to shovel them out a space tomorrow. Maggie goes out and in about that fast but she is a big dog.
I am concerned about out kids driving over the mountains on Wednesday. I want them here so bad. All four of children will be here. They have not been here all together for a holiday since just before Scott died. Hope we can get some good pictures.

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  1. Oh my goodness. It sure does look cold there! Brrrr... I felt so sorry for Bob.

    Hopefully, the blizzard won't last long and all family will make it safe-n-sound.

    I'm sure you are going to have a beautiful weekend! But, stay in doors, if you can!

    Have a grand time!