Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home Again

The early morning sky last Friday. I am not usually awake at sunrise but when I woke up and saw this I was in awe.
It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive to Grangeville, Idaho. Bob lay down on the bed and promptly fell asleep after we got checked in. The flash woke him and we had a good laugh.

The only horse that we had anything to do with all weekend. He is modeling a week spraying device.

Our table centerpiece. A man made them a few years ago and he passed away this past summer. We used them again in memory.

This is a view outside of Craigmont, Idaho. There are a series of wooden trestles along this area but this is the highest. It was built in 1908. It looks just a might blurry and that is because it was pouring down rain. It is Lawyer Creek Canyon. Lawyer was a Nez Pierce Indian.
We had a good weekend and some very good things were accomplished. The banquet dinner was just awesome and I think we all ate too much. After dinner a band came in and played for us to listen or dance too. It was fun. Friday evening when we got down there and settled in we went with a group of friends to a Methodist Church where they were having a salmon dinner. It was so very good.
A report on the horses. I will find out more about them tomorrow but I believe the black one is going to Wenatchee and the brown one has two people that want him. The remaining two appy's the man had were rehomed yesterday. The outpouring from the people who I have told has been heart warming. You are all wonderful. Tony and his wife are being blessed.
Tomorrow is the only day this week without rain (or snow) and I must go spend some time with Sage. I kick myself all over for not being riding her by now. She stands down there and looks at the house and I feel guilty.

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