Friday, November 26, 2010

On the Way to 1000 Blessings

501. When a song just bubbles up inside you
502. Subway roast beef sandwiches
503. Great News that you didn't expect
504. Bob's omelette's
505. surprises from your kids
506. changes
507. Sunsets out my front window
508. Janets injuries were not serious after all
509. Dates with our grandchildren one by one
510. Opinions even if they are not ours
511. Thanksgiving
512 Grandchildren who can help me with me cell phone
513. Snow boots
514. Warm gloves
515. Cool Whip
516. Crotchet books with easy directions.
517. Sharp scissors
518 Balanced checkbooks
519. Children traveling 350 miles for Thanksgiving
520. Husband help getting ready for company
521. Raggedy Ann Dolls
522. Dog groomers
523 Golden turkeys done just right
524. Candied yams
525. Great granddaughter's hugs.
526 Great grandsons big dimples
527. A grandsons =Seth- MVP trophy from his basketball team
528. Twinkly lights in the snow
529. Cousins playing together.
530. Pictures for memories

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