Monday, November 15, 2010


The only picture I took all weekend. A nice little buck as I was just about home. I just had my regular lens on. He was not concerned about me stopping until the flash went off.
Had a nice weekend. Almost always I enjoy the conventions of WSH. There will be quite a few changes that will happen. With the economy and such they are necessary if we wish to continue to exist. I was able to be part of the committee to test new stewards. That was interesting. When I became a steward, I did not have to take a test like that. I am glad. I might not be one if I had. The weather was nice most of the time even though we were inside most of the time. It made it easier to drive home yesterday. I was very tired though and even turned down Bob's idea of going to the Olive Garden for dinner.
This afternoon I put Sage in the barn for the night. She had a little tantrum but found the key and that was her bucket of grain. She would follow that. Will use it if I need to until she remembers that she needs to go in. Ditto will have to use another stall. It won't be long and she will be going in at night. She never gets a good winter coat. Sage has a good coat, I just want her to do these things because I ask.
This morning I went to the doctor because I have had something happening on my upper chest over the collar bone. It hurt, I thought I recognized it and I was right. I have shingles again. Had them on my back about five years ago. So, I am on an anti viral to get this under control. If you have ever had them you know they hurt. Nothing critical just irritating.
We are in the midst of a wind warning storm. I don't hear it like I sometimes do but we probably will during the night.
Glad to be home - blessings


  1. Welcome home! I am sure it feels good... Maybe you can go to Olive Garden on a different night???

    Good news about Sage and the barn. You sure are making progress. I know it is a long haul, but each step is a huge victory!

    Thanks for the great advice for hubby! You are so right - poor guy was so nervous! Of course, not as nervous as me - I was a WRECK!

    Hubby has had shingles TWICE! Talk about a pain... I feel for you... No stress, okay? Maybe you can nip this in the bud...

    Again, glad you are back home. We always miss your posts!


  2. Lea I can't believe how many people I'm hearing of lately who have shingles. There are 7 ladies besides me in my small sewing group and two of them have had shingles this month! Both of them had the vaccination which is supposed to help you have a lighter case. One says it did but the other one I haven't talked to - she's still at home and unable to wear clothing! blessings, marlene