Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain and wind

Yes, I still have horses and I still am loving Sage but with 30- plus mph winds and pouring down rains for 90% of the day, They are just hiding out in their shelters. And I am hiding out in the house.
The picture is out Nikki's kitchen window. Rocky comes almost every morning for his peanuts. Also the Stellar Jays come but my pictures of them were not so good. They love their peanuts.
The sunset out my living room window. It was amazing after the day we had. I put the angel on the window at Christmas about 5 years ago and its still there. It was supposed to wash off but it hasn't and that is OK. That will be my window picture for yesterday for the photo challenge.

Bob and I went to the stock auction today for a couple of hours for entertainment. Pathetic isn't it that's what we do for entertainment. Then came home, I took a nap and Bob did something or other in the barn. That was about the extent of our day. That is kind of pathetic too.


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