Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No rain, just grey

Today the Photo Challenge picture was BEAUTY. I looked and looked for something that struck a note exemplifying BEAUTY. The only thing I found was this picture of my mother so that is what I took a picture of - her picture. I miss her so much.
I didn't have any other pictures for today so I went to my old pictures. Hope you enjoy them.
This is a picture of my sister on my first mustang Blaze. He was caught somewhere in Montana. Long before the BLM took over. About 1950 I think. I traded my bike and 10.00 for him and he was supposed to be broke. Hahahahahaha. He was small probably not 14 hands and wirery. He did a great single foot and could go a long way. We learned together .

My sister and I when we were probably 2 and 5. Maybe 1 1/2 and 4. I don't know why we were dressed up.

My Daddy and I when I was 2 or 3.

Bob and his first horse Lady. She was trained to lower her head and Bob crawled on then she raised it up and he slid down her neck and into the saddle.

Bob on his black and white pinto Cloudy. She and Bob were very best friends.
I did not work with Sage today. I should have but I just hate these grey days and I didn't go out except to go down and rub her face and neck. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Lovely pictures - particularly the one of your mom.

  2. Thanks Lea for the wonderful family pictures! I copied them all.