Friday, October 15, 2010

What A Day

Another day - probably the last day - of trip pictures.
Another one of the Big Horn sheep. They did not seem to mind us taking their pictures. Not much place to get the car off of the road though.

A fire watch tower. I dared Andi to climb to the top with me. She would not, and I was very glad. I was just teasing her. I didn't want to either. I had to tease her a little bit. Well a lot actually.

Andi's grandpas cabin. It now has owl nests in it and it stinks. It is made of concrete. The roof is giving out some.

An old truck at Frenchglenn.

A cabin between Christmas Valley and Paisley, Oregon.

Bob and Andi working in her tack room. She was putting stuff back in.
Bob got home this evening with the cattle he bought. They were all tired. That is a long haul with critters. I have always worried about horses when we haul that far. The cow/calves are in an isolation pen until tomorrow. Then they can go out. Bob saw a lot of deer and a big bobcat. I am glad the weather was good for him to make that drive again.
I had an eye exam today because I have noticed a change in my vision. Its back to glasses. The doctor thought that whack on the head a while back that I poo pood jarred the implant in my eye cockeyed. I don't mind wearing glasses but it surprised me when he asked if I had had a blow on the head. It is a wonder it did not knock me out I guess. Probably had a concussion.
Have to drive to Ellensburg tomorrow for a meeting. I am not looking foreward to it but oh well, I can do it.

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