Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Cloudy

AKA The Tasmanian Devil Dog
Our Photo Challenge word today was PET. She is one of three dogs and a kitty in the house and who knows how many in the barn. It varies.
I did work with Sage today. She had a couple of snits but we overcame them. She does not think she wants to go into the round pen any more. I guess that is work to her. Maybe I will start doing things outside of the round pen. However, she needs to lead where I want her to. She is good about the other places I take her but not into the round pen. We worked with the plastic bag again today. She was not as accepting as the other day but we worked on it and when she let me rub her face with it we went on to the surcingle. She allowed that without a blink. I tied her to the hitch rain with the blocker tie ring and she stood fine until I went to brush her forelock and then she threw herself back. The rope did not pull through like it was supposed to for some reason. In the end she came back and stood and I brushed her all over including the forelock. I did not try to brush her tail. That is another day.
If you noticed my book list disappeared and I am trying to remember what was on it. I tried to edit one post and whoosh, it all went away. If anyone wants to help me with the list, I would appreciate it.


  1. I'm off to work, but find a cache version of your blog from the day before and it should be there so you can copy it. Nikki