Thursday, October 21, 2010

Off to Nikkis

Sweet Sage got to eat some grass today after we finished working. I rubbed her all over with the sack wadded up and then with it flopping. The sack is a feed sack. Not a grocery story plastic bag. She let me rub her head and face with it too. I was so proud of her. Then we worked on giving her shoulder. Also putting my hand on her poll and her dropping her head. She will put it nearly to the ground. I am so proud of her. Will work with a tarp next week. And continue with picking up her feet. She needs her front feet trimmed but she won't let Bob pick up her foot, just me. She will get it though.
This weekend is our son in law, Carmen's 60th. birthday and Nikki has planned a big party. We are going to be there. Bob left this afternoon for his brothers first and then in the AM I will leave. First I need to pick up Arawyn, her mom and her sister Cambria. It is supposed to start raining so I am not too sad about leaving.
If I don't get a turn on Nikki's computer, I will be back Sunday.

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