Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Report

More trip pictures. Crossing from WA into Oregon on 395.
I went to the cardiologist today and he gave me a thumbs up. He kept me on most of the meds that Dr. Alexander gave me at the hospital except one. Because I am coughing and one of the side effects of one of them is a cough, he changed that. I hope it works. Of course he wants me to lose weight but I knew that was coming. I go back in 6 months. My cold is gone except this cough. For that I am grateful.
I am wondering if this little boy was the one born the day we got to Burns in February. I will have to sort through my pictures and see.

I disturbed her nap. Sorry.

Resting in the midday sunshine.

This is a very sweet little store. I didn't think it was open any more but it was.

A waterhole by a little old cabin where Andi's Grandpa used to catch the mustangs each year for the wranglers remudas. Lots of horse sign all over but no horses.

Up on the mountain somewhere. The Steens are so beautiful. Not like the mountains here. We had such a good day and the weather was exquisite but when we got down and on our way back to Burns it was pouring down rain.

Down into Kiger Gorge. Andi about had a coronary with me standing so close. I offered to sit on the edge and dangle my feet over so she could take my picture but she said she would throw up if I did it so I didn't. She and heights have a thing I guess and not a good thing. It was so pretty though.

If you look at this Tracey this picture is for you. Snow in the Steens. I think it was left over from last winter but we are just around 10,000 feet so I am not surprised. I know the elevation gave me a headache.

All that remains of the original ranch house of Pete French at the P Ranch. There is a newer house where he was murdered that still stands. We did not walk back to the barns. Nor did we go to the round barn he built. We have been there 5/6 times through the years. I read a book Andi loaned me about Pete French and it makes him out a pretty good guy and then I read the Ochoco series of books and they made him out not so good. Who is right? I don't know but he was an interesting guy in that part of Oregon's history.
Bob is back in Burns picking up a load of cattle that he bought while we were down there. We did not take the trailer so we wouldn't be tempted to get another horse and what does he do. Buy cow calf pairs. He took Andi to dinner this evening and ran into Tom who is the head guy at the corrals and that we missed when we were there last Thursday. They had a good visit too.
I was just contemplating putting some Celtic music on the cd player and crawling into bed with a good book BUT before I do that I have 3 dogs wanting to go out and I have to go out with Pistol. Heaven knows what she would do out there by herself. So that's what is on my currant agenda and then the music and book.


  1. Lea - welcome home!

    We all missed you while you were away but so glad to see you had a beautiful trip.

    Sounds like your Dr. appt went very well - sorry about the cough; am hoping it clears up shortly.

    The horse pictures (all pictures actually) were just stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    Again, welcome home!


  2. Good news! Congratulations! So, how long of a drive is it down to Burns? I'm really wanting to make that trip someday--maybe with my daughter.