Sunday, October 24, 2010


The barn that was. This is my photo challenge picture for yesterday. The word was BARN.
I got home late this afternoon from Nikki's. Bob came home last night after our son in law Carmen's birthday party. He wanted to go hunting today. He did and got a 3 point buck. I am not thrilled, but he is.
We had such a good time. I took Raselle, and her daughters Arawyn and Cambria. Arawyn is Carmen's granddaughter. Cambria thinks she is too I think. We had such a good time. I have taken Arawyn over a couple of times but never Raselle or Cambria. Raselle has 3 boys too but they stayed with someone. Just did not have room for all of them. Carmen turned 60. Nikki wanted to do something special for him and it was.
This morning Nikki was trying to get a little more sleep and 3 kids and 2 dogs crawled in with her.

Cousins - Lilianna and Arawyn. Arawyn is about a year and a week older than Lilianna. They are a pair let me tell you.

Tyler and his girlfriend Stephanie. I really like her and kind of hope she's the one. I don't know how Nikki feels about her but I like her.

Grandson Lane on the r. and his best friend Ben. They are quite a pair too.

Carmen and "the boys". in the back L to R - Joel Bryant, Carmen, Dustin and Tyler and in front Isaac and Lane. Lots of testosterone in that group. Joel is the only one married.

Bob and I and his brother Lynn and wife Jackie. Jackie looks so much better than she did in August when we saw her last.

This is my photo challenge picture for Friday. The word was EMOTION. This little girl was praying along with her Papa Great while he was blessing the food and the day. I don't know how much emotion in her but it made this Grandma Great have some.
I am really tired. It was rainy and windy driving and a four year old got very bored with the trip. It was a great weekend though and I am not sorry we went.


  1. Lea that barn picture is just incredible. But the one of the little one praying is awesome! blessings, marlene

  2. I totally agree with Marlene! I love barns. My husbands grandpas old place has a big barn, and I have pictures of it when we first met a few years ago, and it is now falling in...and I have pix of that too. They have so much personality.

    I love what you are doing with the picture words of the day! And the photo of the little girl praying is full of emotion for me too....great job!