Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Day

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day hitting about 60. It felt good. Bob went hunting with his friend Don. No deer. Bob is going Thursday AM again. At least I don't think he is going tomorrow.

Sage and I had a good workout today. She wanted to really be freaked out by the white flag but settled down at least a little. The flag came off of the stick and I picked it up. She she was not spooky too much. She let me rub in on her face. Not relaxed but she let me do it. Then I took her to eat. She got a little pushy about it so tomorrow no grazing. As large as she is she could push me around but she doesn't. She would like to but doesn't. I keep saying it but I do love that horse. Maybe one of these days Bob will be around when I am working her and we can get a picture.



  1. My fat little Fjord mare will literally try to climb her stall wall if you rustle anything that sounds like a plastic bag. I have had her twelve years and she still reacts. I want some photos of Sage. I am guessing you will keep her forever????

  2. Fox was really spooky of trash bags and such when I first got him. Now that I've worked with him a lot on it he is just fine with it now. I bet Sage will be fine with it once she gets use to it more. She's gorgeous. I hope to meet her up in person someday.