Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Trick or Treaters, Can I Eat The Candy

This is the last of the Photo Challenge. The word was COSTUME. Our church had a costume party this morning and this little boy caught my eye. I don't know his name and I did not recognize his parents but we go to a large church so that would not be too unusual. I thought he was so cute and fit what I was looking for. We don't get trick or treaters out here in the country but I am always prepared so now Bob and I are eating the candy.
A while back I bought this exercise ball at a yard sale for a dollar. I never intended to use it to exercise but for this purpose. Sage thought it was going to eat her for a while but then she got used to it. I will do more the next day it does not rain. Maybe tomorrow.

She smelled it several times. She certainly is a snorter. That mustang snort that I know so well. I went over her with the white sack and she just let me touch her all over. It was so nasty and muddy out I didn't want to do much more.

More old pictures. My mother and my grandmother. I don't know the occasion but they are so pretty standing there.
We went to church and then just kind of laid around most of the day. We saw a herd of seven mule deer both on the way and home too. I did not have my longer lens on so the pictures are not terrific and I did not post them but them were magnificent to watch. One big buck.

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  1. I always buy candy we will eat; had three grandsons trick-or-treat and made up two baggies for the other pair cause Auburn is waaay too far away to visit on a whim. You are so lucky to have family photos, I have a few but not a chronology of childhood and all that. That is why I took millions when my children were growing up. Someday we are going to divvy them up. Someday.