Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My picture for the photo challenge for today. The title was "Leaf" . It was off of our maple tree in our front yard. The tree was given to us by our next door neighbors when we lived in Spokane - Rene' and Delmar Garrod.
My surprise was this morning. I woke up early for a change, put some laundry in and put on my robe and was going out to get the paper. I went out the front door and what met me in the yard - two horses. Our escape artists - Cody and Rusty. I got a can of grain and they followed me into the round pen. Bob found where they got out, fixed it and I put them out of the round pen so I could use it.
The sunset last night. We have had such beautiful sunsets recently.

Rubbing Sage with the plastic bag. She did good. I could rub her all over on both sides. We will work on it some more tomorrow.

I am so proud of her. She wanted to take a bite at it but didn't. I gave her some oats tonight on top of her hay. Maybe I can get her to eat some grain.

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