Sunday, December 5, 2010

Onward to 1000 Blessings

532. People who pay for their meat promptly

532 Snow Angels

533One on one time with Nikki

534Antique stores

535 Edgertons arrived home safely

536, Salvation Army bell ringers

537 My silver shoes

538. Bright stocking caps

539 The snow on the trees

540Hershey Hugs

541. Thick warm socks

542. The movie Australia

543. The movie Crazy Heart

544. The Miracle on 34th. Street

545. White Christmas

546. Old Bob Hope Movies

547. Gonzaga Basketball

548. Icicles

549. My Fair Lady

550 The House That Love Built by Mranda Lamabert

551. Kenny G's Christmas CD

552. Hanes Bras

553. Singing Silent Night

554. Wynonna - I Can Only Imagine

555. Alan Jackson's Remember When

556. The Gaithers Christmas Homecoming

557Rice Bags

558 Cell phone for a rescue

559 Alan Jackson Let it Be Christmas

560 Getting the very top of the entertainment center cleaned.

561. Jingle Bells''

562 Christmas cards with letters in them

563Susan Boyle CD - Wild Horses

564 Susan Boyle CD - The Gift

565 dinner cooked by ANYONE else

566./ Planning trips ahead of time

568. Raspberry jam on fresh hot baking powder biscuits.

569 Painted toenails

570 The award that was presented to me

571, The lovely party with the Panhandle of Idaho Back Country Horse Club

567 Swarorski Chrystals

568 Dinnr cookd by anyone else


  1. Yeah. I sure wish y'all woulda kept your blizzard stuff with you instead of sending it our way! Cold, windy, snowy, blowy. Uck. I need feed-people, horse, dog, cat, bird. Sidewalk salt so we all do not wind up on our butts. (I just loooove Susan Boyle. I watched her amazing performance over and over again just cause she knocked their smug, judgemental socks off. Period. What a voice.)

  2. Good Morning Lea ... congrats on the award! From what I read, you do a lot for a lot of people! You are a blessing to everyone! Your entry, Raspberry jam on hot baking powder biscuits caught my eye ... I haven't had breakfast yet and now I'm hungry! LOL

  3. I don't have any Susan Boyle CDs but I bet I'd love them too. :) blessings, marlene