Friday, December 10, 2010

Tenth Day

On the tenth day of Christmas I bring you 10 Candy Canes.
They are such a bright color - love them

I laughed until I cried at this picture. I was taking a picture of Pistol from an open window in the dining room. When I took it off the camera, there comes Skeeter. He is known now as the "Flying Poodle."

I baked six loaves of apple spice bread and frosted it with Penuche Frosting. I could eat all six loaves. Instead they went into the freezer. I would have baked zucchini bread too but I only have 6 loaf pans. I will do that on Sunday afternoon.

This afternoon I did almost all of my shopping for Christmas. Just a couple of things left. I am happy with my decisions. Now to get stuff wrapped. Have one to get in the mail. Need to do that.



  1. Good shot, Lea. Funny dog! Hope you're having a nice holiday. You should come to our Christmas party Tuesday at Chaps!

  2. Love the picture of Skeeter! And I can't believe how big Pistol has gotten.