Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If offended by hunting, skip 1st picture.

Bob went hunting today and bagged the largest wild turkey I have seen. He weighed 25#. They are good to eat - at least we think so- and he will go in our freezer.

This kept me busy this afternoon. I made Thumb Print Cookies and put Hershey Hugs in the center instead of jam. I am going to have to hide them though or Bob will get them eaten. I am trying to practice a large amount of self control. Tomorrow is the zucchini bread. I want to give a couple of loaves of bread and cookies to the old bachelor next door and some to Shannon and Ron. Both will help us anytime we ask. Like yesterday.

Sage had one of those days that I just left her in. The wind was blowing and it was raining and she was going to have a rodeo day and I was not in a mood to do it so she just stayed in. She was mad at me this evening and when I did the chores she would not let me pet her face. I guess that was my punishment for making her stay in.

The cows/calves are still bellowing. It is about to drive me nutty as well as the neighbors. I don't think the cows would make as much noise if the calves would shut up. Particularly the red heifer we bought in Oregon.

The package will get mailed to Tennessee in the morning. Its all ready to go. our mother is buried there and there is a dogwood tree on her grave. I sent a silver blue hummingbird ornament for them to hang in the tree. Its an older cemetery and they let you plant stuff there and put things on the grave. My sister put a statue of St. Francis of Assisi there and some one stole it. That takes real guts to steal something off of a grave. Don't you think?

Enough of my prattling on, blessings.


  1. You make we want to bake cookies! I wanted to wait until the kids are off from school, but maybe I'll have to do it early!! I make those same kind of thumb-print with hersheys--and jam.

    And, you know me, I think it's very wise to, sometimes, just close that stall door right back up and try again tomorrow! lol.

  2. Your cookies look so good! And they remind me of bumblebees.

    Your mom's grave sounds beautiful. I can't believe someone would steal a statue from it.

  3. Not only St. Francis, they also stole about 15 angels over the same period, some off my baby grandsons grave! and yes Andrea she has a lovely grave in a beautiful spot that my daughter can see from her kitchen window.(Grandma, sister Angela and baby Aidan) all together.

  4. Lea my aunt had 2 crape myrtles, big ones, planted on either of her husband's headstone and someone dug them up and stole them. It's not guts that it takes - it's meanness. Some people are pure mean and that's all it is. The cookies look wonderful! blessings, marlene

  5. Oh Lea, if you only knew how you tortured me so.

    Those cookies look sooooooooo yummy! I wanted to crawl into my computer to sneak one.

    Tell Bob congrats on the turkey.

    Sorry about the calves. I know how it can wear your last nerve down by their calling... I had a doe who would not keep quiet - ever!

    Happy baking!