Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Washington Palouse about noon today. The road was kind of nasty but we made it just fine. We went to Pullman and back. It is about an 80 mile trip each way.
This is why I did not post anything yesterday. We had a visit from our granddaughter Coreen and our great granddaughter Kiyanna. Coreen is her Auntie and she brought her to visit. We had not seen her since she was about 12 hours old. She is 22 months old.

She looks so like her Daddy. Just like him walking around at that age.
And this is Piper. She is 5 1/2 months old. Nothing like having them close together. She looks like her mother. She has her mama's blue blue eyes. Kiyanna has her daddy's brown eyes.
I had not seen her at all. I have begged for pictures of her and so we took a lot of them.

Grandma Great and Two special little girls.
My heart is so full today.


  1. There's nothing like grandchildren Lea, or great grandchildren as the case may be. :) Sweet, sweet babies. blessings, marlene