Sunday, December 5, 2010

Four and Five

Yesterday was Day 4 and I brought you, although I did not get it posted, 4 Hershey Hugs.
And yes, after I took their picture, I ate them. Love the Hugs.
Day 4 I bring you 5 Hummingbird Ornaments. I will put them in the decorations when I get them up.

This was my biggest shock of my weekend, of a long time I guess. Saturday at noon the Northeast Zone of Washington State Horsemen had their annual awards. This year it was a luncheon. I was responsible for a very few things and had just finished my luncheon and was listening so of half eared to the awards they were giving . When they were giving the last of the awards I was getting ready to gather my stuff and they called my name. I was astounded. I am so grateful and proud. Wow, the member of the year. I want to carry it around with me but that might look like I was bragging and I really am not, just proud that my colleges thought enough to honor me in that way.

Ice crystals on the windshield of the car this morning when we were leaving to go to church.

The back road on our way to church. Its very pretty but very icy. Not much traffic on it and Bob did not mind.

Our church building - Turning Point Open Bible Church. Yes, its pretty big.

We went to Walmart to get dog food and this car was parked in front of us. I don't know how they make the bells stay there.

Sage going out the other barn door. She was a little snorty with Bob but didn't hesitate at all. I am going to take her for a little walk around tomorrow.



  1. Those hugs SO look like spiders or something! Glad you said what they were!

  2. Congratulations on your award! That is definitely something to be proud of. What a wonderful surprise for you!