Sunday, December 19, 2010

No pics sorry

Today has been kind of a lazy day which probably wasn't a good thing the last weekend before Christmas. I have most things wrapped but wanted to bake more cookies and the house needs a good cleaning. I did get some laundry done, took a nap, changed our bed and that is about it.

Bob lost his cell phone today and has been walking around calling his phone with mine. Then he realized it was on silent. He just found it in a boot that was under where his coveralls were hanging. I am so glad he found it because we would have had to go get him a phone today

Pepper's little red hen layed her egg in his manger today and he just ate around it. Bob put her back in the chicken house for the night. They free range during the day. I am afraid Pepper is going to step on her accidentally.

Hope you Sunday was blessed -

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  1. Glad he found his phone--that's the last thing you need!